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Product Description :
The Worlds # 1 Male Deodorant Axe, presents a range of deodorant bodysprays for men. Designed by the worlds leading perfumers, Axe Recharge range of deodorant bodysprays not only helps you smell good but also keeps you fresh, clean and energised. Axe Recharge Deodorant Bodysprays have energy-filled fragrances that are boosted by heat. From the moment the spray touches your skin to multiple ‘hot moments throughout the day, Axe Recharge Deos will give you a burst of freshness when you need it the most. With a ‘one press spray can it reaches all over your body. Spray it on your underarms, neck, chest and back and feel the freshness in every pore of your body.Be the life of every party with Axe Recharge Midnight Deodorant Bodyspray. This vibrant and energetic fragrance will give you long-lasting freshness from day to night. Unplanned party scenes will never be a cause for concern with Axe Recharge Midnight Bodyspray by your side. The sweet and fruity aroma of this deodorant bodyspray will ensure you leave an lasting impression at every special occasion. The bottle is extremely lightweight which makes it travel friendly. It is not just an ideal gift for yourself but for your loved ones too. This deodorant bodyspray is safe on skin and is suitable for everyday use. Stay uber-stylish and confident with Axe Recharge Midnight Deodorant Bodyspray.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 141 g
  • Volume : 150 Milliliters
  • Units : 150 milliliters
  • Brand : AXE
  • Manufacturer : HUL
Product Features :
  • Axe Deodorant Bodyspray for men
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance
  • From the World's #1 Male Deodorant
  • Full body long-lasting deodorant spray
  • Cooling deodorant lowers body temperature by 6 degrees instantly
  • Heat boosted fragrances last up to 24 hours
  • Safe on skin

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