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Parle Milano Cookie, 75g Pouch - Product Features
  • Combination of taste and health
  • Highly nutritive
  • Source of strength for body and mind
Dabur Hajmola Tablet, Anardana, 120 Tablets - Product Features
  • Chatpata tablets, fun to have at any time of the day
  • Improves digestion for kids and adults
  • Useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence
  • Great way to enjoy while staying healthy
  • Chatpata taste is good for a change of taste in mouth
MTR Gulab Jamun Tin, 500g - Product Features
  • Deliciously soft and tempting gulab jamuns that melt in the mouth
  • Traditional Indian sweets for everyday celebrations
NesPlus Multigrain Granola, Chocolate Caramel, 115g - Product Features
  • A tasty, nutritious breakfast cereal for happy and healthy mornings
  • Made with Wholegrain ingredients - Wheat, Jowar, Rice and Oats
  • Crunchy cereal clusters and chocolate with a dash of caramel
  • Remains crunchy and delicious even in warm milk
  • Source of Vitamin D and Calcium as well as Iron, Folic acid and B-Vitamins
  • Contains no artificial colours and flavours
  • Available in 6 delightful choices for the whole family
  • Contact_us on[1800-103-1947] [+91-124-412-1212]
Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo for Men, 150ml - Product Features
  • Indulge in pure english luxury with novel masculine aromas that are combined with a warm woody base to give you a long-lasting fragrance
  • Yardley london gentleman deodorant is a modern masculine fragrance opening with fresh citrus, black pepper and a spicy blend of cardamom
  • Essentially protective against bacteria, sweat, and body-odor-related problems, the Yardley Gentleman is a high-performing body spray that stays with you all day long
  • Yardley london gentleman deodorant gives you a subtle fragrance that lasts all day long
Gits Rasmalai Mix, 150g - Product Features
  • Ready in 3 easy steps
  • 100 percent vegetarian
  • No preservatives
Swad Candy Mixed, Kachha Aam & Lemon Candy Pouch 270g (100 Candies) - Product Features
  • Swad is now available in 4 new flavours : Kaccha aam, imli, guava and lemon
  • Made with best quality ayurvedic ingredients like sonth, ajwain, landipipal, jeera, kalimirch, kala namak, etc
  • Swad 's unique taste is an ayurvedic miracle with digestive properties to keep your stomach happy
  • Unique gift box design, panjon's quality guarantee on each pack
  • Try new swad anardana and pachak range of mouth fresheners
  • Keep in a dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture
Swad Candy Gift Box 90 Tabs - Product Features
  • Swad gift box with 90 candies 270 gm in one premium gift box
  • Original taste since 1977
  • Swad is now available in 4 new flavours : Kaccha aam, imli, guava and lemon
  • Swad 's unique taste is an ayurvedic miracle with digestive properties to keep your stomach happy
  • Unique gift box design, panjon's quality guarantee on each pack
  • Try new swad anardana and pachak range of mouth fresheners
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills, 75g - Product Features
  • Combination of luscious chocolate filling
  • Enrobed within a perfectly baked rich cookie outer
  • Epitomizes the brand promise of pure indulgence
Set Wet Swag Avatar Deodorant Spray Perfume, 150ml - Product Features
  • You are the rays of sunshine on a dull day
  • The mad energy that wakes up boring lectures
  • You are bright, even OMG sometimes
  • And the reason no one ever bunks class
  • Make Set Wet your seat partner
  • Your avatar is Swag avatar
  • A fresh fragrance with a strong note of patchouli and sandalwood, a crisp citrus burst and a subtle hint of grapefruit
  • Turn on the charm and improve your confidence without saying a word
  • Safe on skin with fresh fragrance that is long lasting
Funfoods Dr. Oetker Topping Chocolate, 300g - Product Features
  • 100% Veg
  • Trans fat free
  • Topping on desserts: Pour over ice creams, cakes and desserts
  • Also make milk shakes: Sqeeze 3 tbsp in 200 ml milk. Blend till smooth & thick
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Meltz, 50 g - Product Features
  • Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Meltz provides rich chocolate coating on the outside
  • The crisp chocolate cookie in the centre
  • Complete the seduction of your senses with a heart of molten Choco cream
Kelloggs Chocos Crunchy Bites, 375g - Product Features
  • Yummy Chocolaty Crunchy cereal squares with the goodness of wheat that your kids will love
  • Give your Kids a Solid start to the day with the grain based yummy chocolaty Kellogg's Chocos Crunchy Bites
  • Kellogg's chocos Crunchy Bites offers a low-fat, cholesterol-free food fortified with Vitamins and Minerals that your kid would love to eat with their milk
  • Kellogg's Chocos Crunchy Bites is a source of calcium, High in iron & B-Group Vitamins
  • No added preservatives
  • You can count on Kellogg's Chocos Crunchy Bites for a great-tasting, convenient and affordable snack or breakfsat that is nourishing for your Kids
  • Top with fresh or dried fruits, nuts or cinnamon to enjoy the nourishing cereal
  • A quick and convenient breakfast in just 2-3 minutes
Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive All Good, 100g - Product Features
  • India's only digestive biscuit with no maida, no added sugar and no artificial sweetener
  • This biscuit is made from whole wheat flour of Aashirvaad Atta which makes it naturally rich in fibre content
  • The real digestive biscuit
Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive Oats with Raisins Biscuits, 150g - Product Features
  • You can feel the dash of raisins and crunchy oats
  • Healthy oat fibre
  • Combination of oats, wheat and raisins

Candy, also called sweets or lollipops, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. The category, called sugar confectionery, encompasses any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy.

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