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Product Description :
Introducing a new range of bathroom cleaners from the international brand Presto! This bathroom cleaner keeps your bathroom fresh and free from germs. It can kill 99.99% of all germs.* This bathroom cleaner can clean tough stains, grease and particulate matter effectively. It is easy to use and keeps your hands safe. It leaves a refreshing fragrance in the room after use. This Presto! disinfectant bathroom cleaner can be used either directly or diluted. It can be used on different surfaces such as floors, ceramic tiles, kitchen counters and bathroom sinks. For lightly soiled areas you should clean by mixing Presto! with water, and for heavy soiled areas you should use undiluted. You can use this a variety of bathroom surfaces such as floors, slabs, wall tiles, basins, taps and showerheads. *Post 5 mins of contact with undiluted product.

Product Details :
  • Units : 0.5 Litre
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Presto!
  • Manufacturer : Presto!
Product Features :
  • Bathroom cleaner which kills 99.99% of all germs*
  • Removes tough stains, grease and particulate matter effectively
  • Leaves a refreshing lemon fragrance
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your hands safe
  • All-in-one bathroom cleaner for bathroom floors, slabs, wall tiles, sinks, basins, stainless steel taps and shower heads

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