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Product Description :
A long and busy day can make your clothes very dirty. You may put in a whole lot of effort trying to remove them using a variety of stain removers. Presto! detergent liquid is here to help! It makes tough stains disappear to help you ease your laundry troubles. Being phosphate-free and bleach-free, it is gentle on your clothes, and protects fabric colour while washing. Presto! detergent liquid gives you clothes that smell fresh and clean.

Product Details :
  • Volume : 1000 Milliliters
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Presto!
  • Format : Liquid
  • Manufacturer : Presto!
Product Features :
  • Hand-wash detergent liquid
  • Quantity: 1 L
  • Helps with tough stain removal
  • Bleach-free and phosphate-free liquid
  • Leaves a pleasing and refreshing fragrance after use
  • Gentle on clothes and protects fabric color
  • Safe and gentle on your hands
  • Dissolves easily in water
  • Dosage for hand-wash and top-load washing machines: 2 caps (60 ml) for regular loads; 3 caps for heavily soiled loads
  • Dosage for front-load washing machines: 1 1/2 caps (45 ml) for regular load; 2 caps for heavily soiled loads

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