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Product Description :
Enjoy rich and fragrant cooking of global cuisine in the confines of your home with the Solimo Basil herbs. Sprinkling the dried herb brings out the best in your Italian feast including pasta, pizza and more. With its easy to use flip-open top, you can sprinkle basil during preparations to maximise flavour or as a garnish to complement your dish. Our products go through rigorous and strict laboratory testing to ensure we follow FSSAI standards. Additionally, our packaging process puts hygiene on the forefront. Keep the Solimo Basil herbs in a cool, dry place and store in the refrigerator once it has been opened.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 18.1 g
  • Units : 18 grams
  • Brand : Amazon Brand - Solimo
  • Manufacturer : Solimo
Product Features :
  • 18g of Dried Basil
  • Undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and stringent checks for quality control
  • Hygienic packaging that retains aroma and flavour
  • Adheres to FSSAI food safety standards
  • Sectioned lid with two flip-open sides for ease of sprinkling
  • Aromatic dried basil herbs add a flavoursome touch to Italian cuisine
  • Can be used to season a dish or build flavour while cooking

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