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Product Description :
Elevate the flavour of your culinary creations with a dash of Solimo Nutmeg Powder. Nutmeg is popular for its distinct fragrance and sweet notes. This handy condiment can help you spruce up a savoury or sweet dish effortlessly. Designed with a flip-open lid, the container features dual dispensing lids with varying outlet sizes. The larger outlet is shaped to take out larger quantities of nutmeg when the recipe calls for it. The other outlet is designed with multiple holes to sprinkle a dash of nutmeg over your dessert as a flavour enhancer. We maintain the high quality standards by carrying out stringent and rigorous laboratory checks which ensure that our products adhere to FSSAI food safety standards.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 49.9 g
  • Units : 50 grams
  • Brand : Amazon Brand - Solimo
  • Format : Powdered
  • Manufacturer : Solimo
Product Features :
  • ? 50g of Nutmeg Powder ? Undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and stringent checks for quality control ? Hygienic packaging that retains aroma and flavour ? Adheres to FSSAI food safety standards ? Sectioned lid with two flip-open sides for ease of sprinkling ? Enhances the taste of both sweet and savoury dishes

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