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Product Description :
Experience bursts of flavour with every bite by adding Solimo All Purpose Seasoning to your culinary preparations. A sprinkling of the all purpose seasoning goes a long way, bringing out the different notes of spice and tang in your pasta, soups or gravies. Additionally, its easy-to-use flip-open top has two sections, which feature dispensing outlets of different sizes. On one side is a bigger space for dispensing larger quantities while the other side has multiple crevices to garnish your dish with smaller quantities. Store the condiment in a cool, dry place before use. Shake the bottle well before use and place in the refrigerator once unsealed. Solimo All Purpose Seasoning is synonymous with quality, ensuring the product complies with FSSAI standards. We also place great importance on hygiene during the packaging process.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 54.4 g
  • Units : 55 grams
  • Brand : Amazon Brand - Solimo
  • Manufacturer : Solimo
Product Features :
  • 55g of All Purpose Seasoning
  • Undergoes rigorous laboratory testing and stringent checks for quality control
  • Hygienic packaging that retains aroma and flavour
  • Adheres to FSSAI food safety standards
  • Sectioned lid with two flip-open sides for ease of sprinkling
  • Versatile and flavoursome condiment enhances dishes of various cuisines
  • Season a dish or add to the flavour during preparation

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