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By Brand : Vedaka
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Product Description :
Vedaka Green Tea is made from hand-picked high quality tea leaves. The fine tea blend provides a fresh taste and enticing aroma for a healthy start to your day. It is a rich source of natural antioxidants and contains zero calories when consumed without milk or sugar. Vedaka Green Tea helps keep your body hydrated and complements an active lifestyle. Experience the joy of brewing yourself a healthy, natural and refreshing cup of tea, which indulges your taste buds and senses. A perfect harmony of flavours with freshness to relax and rejuvenate your day. The pack contains 25/100 tea bags to give you tasteful cups of green tea.

Product Details :
  • Brand : Vedaka
  • Format : Tea Bags
  • Manufacturer : Vedaka Green Tea
Product Features :
  • Made from high quality hand-picked tea leaves sourced from India
  • Contains zero calories when served without sugar and milk
  • Rich & natural source of protective anti-oxidants to help fight toxins in the body
  • Ideal beverage to complement your busy schedule and provide a healthy lifestyle
  • The smooth & fine blend of lemon and honey gives a gentle balance of flavours for a refreshing start to your day
  • Best served without milk
  • Place teabag in a cup and pour boiling water. Remove the tea bag after 2 minutes and add sweetener as desired for your perfect cup of green tea
  • Pack contains 100 tea bags

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