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Product Description :
Cif, removes tough stains with minimum effort. Youll be amazed at how your home sparkles clean with our multipurpose CIF cream. Tough stains are not only inevitable but happen all around the home-from the water marks on the sink, oil splatter on the kitchen walls, grime between the tiles, dirt on ceiling fans. What makes them tough is the difficulty and effort in removing them from all over your home. But now with Cif, getting rid of these tough stains in your house is not tough anymore. Cifs unique formula with micro- particles remove the toughest dirt making your surfaces beautiful and shiny like new. No matter what the tough stains are, CIF shines. Whether it is burnt-on food, rust, grime between kitchen tiles or salt deposits on taps, Cif Cream cleans every surface thoroughly leaving then shiny like new again. Its suitable for almost all kinds of household surfaces making then beautifully shiny. Now get the toughest of cleaning with minimum effort.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 390 g
  • Product Name : Household Surface Cleaners
  • Volume : 250 Milliliters
  • Units : 250 milliliters
  • Brand : Cif
  • Manufacturer : HUL
Product Features :
  • The world's leading liquid abrasive surface cleaner
  • Effective surface cleaner for kitchen, bathroom and around the home
  • Removes stubborn dirt with minimum effort
  • Its cuts through grease,burnt-on food, grime between tiles, soapscum
  • Leaves your surfaces thoroughly clean and shiny like new again
  • No visible damage or scratch due to product use

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