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By Brand : Cleenz
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Product Description :
Cleenz Dishwashing Liquid is a manual washing up liquid for cleaning of all sorts of dishes such as pots, pans, Stainless Steels, crockery, cutleries, glasses etc. The gel based liquid effective cleans grease & grimes and has excellent oil separation properties. It is highly concentrated hence using just 20-40 ML of Cleenz Dishwashing Liquid can clean a sink full of utensils. For Pots & Pans use 1-2 drops and clean using heavy duty scouring pads. Leaves a pleasant lemon fragrance after use. Gentle on skins.

Product Details :
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Cleenz
  • Manufacturer : Rossari Biotech Ltd
Product Features :
  • Effective Dishwashing liquid that cleans all types of utensils
  • Tough on Stains & Gentle on Hands
  • Specaially formulated to easily clean grease and grimes from utensils.
  • Use only 20-40 ml that can clean a sinkfull of utensils.
  • Leaves a pleasant lemon essence after use.

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