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Product Description :
Cleenz Fabric Conditioner is a specially formulated fabric conditioner that is a small step used in your laundry washing cycle. By adding Cleenz Fabric Conditioner, it will make your fabric feel softer, reduces static cling and impart a fresh lasting fragrance to your garments. In addition, Cleenz Fabric Conditioner is designed to reduce wrinkle formation during wash cycle with superior colour retention. It improves overall feel and appearance of fabrics. Add Cleenz Fabric Conditioner to your laundry in the final rinse cycle.

Product Details :
  • Volume : 1 Liters
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Cleenz
  • Format : Liquid
  • Manufacturer : Rossari Biotech Ltd
Product Features :
  • Cleenz Fabric Softner is specailly formulated Hydrophyllic perfumed softener
  • It produces a soft supple feel on various fabrics and contains active conditioning agents
  • Advance formulation and does not cause yellowing
  • Add Cleenz Fabric Softner in final rinse cycle that results in softer fabrics
  • It leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance on the fabrics

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