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By Brand : Cleenz
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Product Description :
Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid spreading germs. Cleenz Hand Wash ensures effective cleaning and has added moisturizers that helps the skin to remain hydrated. It forms a rich foaming lather with fresh fragrance that will delight your senses while giving you a soft and germ free washing experience.

Product Details :
  • Volume : 1 Liters
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Cleenz
  • Manufacturer : Rossari Biotech Ltd
Product Features :
  • Premium Quality Liquid Hand wash with pleasant fragrance
  • Tough on dirt and gentle on skin.
  • Forms a rich foamy lather with excellent cleaning of hands
  • Added moisturizer that will not allow the skin to dry
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance after use that will delight your senses.

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