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Product Description :
Cleenz Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a powerful cleaning liquid with disinfecting agents. It removes tough stains, dirt and has special formulations to degrease lime deposit formation in toilet bows and urinals. Apply Cleenz Toilet bowl Cleaner onto the surface of toilet bowls and urinals and spread it with toilet brush. Allow contact time for 5 mins and scrub thoroughly with toilet brush. Rinse with clear water after use. Cleenz Toilet Bowl Cleaner will give your toilet bowls/urinals sparkling clean results making it germ-free.

Product Details :
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Cleenz
  • Manufacturer : Rossari Biotech Ltd
Product Features :
  • Powerful Toilet bowl cleaner that kills 99.9% germs
  • Excellent cleaning properties that easily cleans all dirt, grimes and also very effective against lime deposits.
  • Leave a sparkling clean toilet.
  • Effective to remove bad odor and unpleasant smell
  • Apply Cleenz Toilet bowl cleaner onto the surface and allow a contact time of 5 mins. Scrub clean with toilet brush and rinse with clear water.

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