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By Brand : Daawat
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Product Description :
Daawat brown basmati rice is a great option for a delicious, nutritious and healthy quick cooking rice meal. Rich in fibre and natural goodness and also has delicious nutty flavour. It is processed with unique hydration enhancement technology which retains all the essential nutrients, making Daawat brown rice Indias only quick cooking brown rice. It has vital health benefits and tastes much better than regular brown rice.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 998 g
  • Weight : 1 Kilograms
  • Units : 1000 grams
  • Brand : Daawat
  • Specialty : No Cholesterol
  • Manufacturer : Daawat
Product Features :
  • Zero cholesterol: Good for your heart and cardio vascular functioning
  • Whole grain (Lower carbohydrates): Helps in overall health
  • High on fiber: Good for digestion
  • Lower GI: Diabetic friendly
  • HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals: For stronger immunity

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