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By Brand : Dettol
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Product Description :
Kitchen mostly is the messiest place in a home and needs the maximum attention, in order to ensure good health and eating habits of your family and for yourself. Dettol healthy kitchen dish and slab gel protects from 100 illness causing germs, leaving your dishes and utensils not only visibly clean but also hygienically safe. This will make sure what you cook healthy is also served healthy. Dettol kitchen dish and slab gel provides expert protection against harmful bacteria. This liquid has been specially developed to leave in your kitchen surfaces and on your dishes a nice and pleasant smell. It contains Dettols trusted formula that takes care of you and your family from harmful germs. The multi- purpose kitchen liquid can disinfect and clean the slab, counter, basin and utensils in your kitchen and can kill up to 100 percent of the nasty bacteria. It is useful for complete kitchen hygiene - for germ free surfaces or utensil sanitizing. Dermatologically tested, this product is also recommended by Indian medical association. It freshens up your kitchen and utensils as it is available in 2 refreshing fragrances: lemon fresh and lime splash.

Product Details :
  • Product Name : Dishwash
  • Volume : 2250 Milliliters
  • Units : 2250 milliliters
  • Origin : India
  • Brand : Dettol
  • Manufacturer : Reckitt Benckiser
Product Features :
  • Trusted Dettol formula protects from 100 illness causing germs
  • Cleans and disinfects multiple surfaces like dishes, kitchen sinks and slabs
  • Dermatologically tested; safe on hands
  • Recommended by Indian medical association
  • Available in variants - lime splash and lemon fresh in 200ml, 400ml and 750ml sizes

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