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Looking to tackle the problem of malodour in the toilet? After all, who wouldnít want their toilets to smell clean and fresh? Then, maybe itís time to stop blaming the flush, the drainage system or the exhaust fan in the toilet. Maybe itís time to change your toilet cleaner. The all new domex fresh and clean is a premium toilet cleaner that leaves behind a refreshing aroma and delivers two times long lasting fragrance*. Itís 99.9% Germ-kill formula makes it a quality disinfectant and its ideal thickness makes the fluid spread evenly, ensuring ease of use. Its innovative colour-changing technology changes the colour of the product from green to blue when it comes in contact with water, removing malodour causing germs, resulting in a fresh smelling toilet. Using the all new domex fresh and clean will not only erase all the germs and stains from your toilet bowl, but will also keep your toilet smelling fresh for hours.

Product Details :
  • Volume : 750 Milliliters
  • Units : 750 milliliters
  • Brand : Domex
  • Manufacturer : HUL

  • Product Features :
  • All new domex fresh and clean comes with 2 times longer lasting fragrance
  • Toilet cleaner that keeps you safe with upto 99
  • Unique colour changing formula where the colour turns from green to blue upon contact with water, removes malodour causing germs
  • Ideal thickness ensures an even spread across the toilet bowl
  • Choose from two refreshing fragrance options - ocean fresh and lime fresh
  • Domex fresh and clean comes in two sizes - 500ml and 750ml

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