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Product Description :
We do all sorts of different things to get the look we love, and that can be tough on our hair. With the right care, though, we can all keep on enjoying healthy hair. Did you know that its possible to regenerate the look and feel of healthy hair and let go of your worries and concerns about damaged locks? Weve taken our inspiration from the natural resilience of Red Algae to bring you something that will help: Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Repair Conditioner. This Dove conditioner for damaged hair instantly nourishes even extremely damaged hair, correcting signs of damage just as if it had never happened. Enriched with Red Algae Complex, it fortifies hairs internal structure and restores its healthy look and feel, leaving it visibly regenerated. So whether you have coloured, curled or straightened hair, with Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerative Repair Conditioner you can be sure that it feels smooth and stronger against breakage Buy Now! For comprehensive benefits, use with Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo. About Dove Advanced Hair Series:Looking for the best hair care products to help you unlock possibilities you never thought your hair could achieve? Thats the inspiration behind Dove Advanced Hair SeriesTreat your hair to bespoke care with Dove Advanced Hair Series our most advanced hair nourishment technologies, tailored for specific hair types.Our hair is part of what makes us unique, so each product is formulated with our most advanced hair nourishment technologies helping you unlock your hairs potential.

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 249 g
  • Product Name : Conditioner
  • Volume : 240 Milliliters
  • Units : 240 milliliters
  • Brand : Dove
  • Manufacturer : HUL
Product Features :
  • 100% regenerated hair
  • More than repair, nourishment that regenerates hair strength
  • Infused with Red Algae complex
  • It regenerates the broken bonds inside hair
  • Nourishes hair to make it strong and smooth
  • Restores hair to its original goodness

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