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Product Description :
Did you know that germs can cause diseases like Diarrhoea, Jaundice & Typhoid. Ordinary floor cleaners are ineffective in removing these disease-causing germs, Domex floor cleaner removes 99.9% germs giving you germ free, sparkling clean floors everyday. Based on a bleach formulation that is known to remove germs from floors, Domex floor cleaner gives you peace of mind. as your family is now well protected with Domex. • Domex is a quality product from Hindustan Unilever Ltd, the makers of Surf Excel, Vim, Lakme, Red Label etc.• Domex was Launched in 1997 in India• Domex is sold in 35 countries globally • Domex Floor Cleaner is a bleach- based formulation which is very effective for cleaning floors. • The sheer power of Domex gives you the confidence you need in eradicating all known germs. • With Domex, you can be absolutely certain that the job is done. BENEFITS:1)Domex Kills all germs* *when used undiluted kills germs which include bacteria, fungi and virus2) Domex Floor cleaner has a bleach-based formulation which is effective for cleaning floors.3)Domex Floor cleaner disinfects and keeps your family safe from diseases.4)Domex Floor cleaner gives you sparkling cleans floors.HOW TO USE:For floors: use 2 capsful in half a bucket of water.wash basin: use undiluted to clean wash basin for best results

Product Details :
  • Item Weight : 599 g
  • Volume : 500 Milliliters
  • Brand : Domex
  • Manufacturer : HUL
Product Features :
  • Gives sparkling looking clean floors
  • Kills all germs **
  • Bleach based formulation effective for cleaning floors
  • Disinfects floors and makes them safe
  • removes tough stains from floor
  • When used undiluted kills germs which include bacteria, virus and fungii

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