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Parle-g Original Glucose Biscuit, 800g - Product Features
  • BLR
  • Parle-G has been a source of all round nourishment for the nation since 1939
  • As its unique taste expanded over the globe
  • Filled with goodness of wheat and milk
Parle Happy Happy Cookies - Choco Chip, 60 g + free 20 g = 80 g - Product Features
  • Choco chip cookies from parle
Parle G Original Gluco Cookie, 250g - Product Features
  • Parle G Original Gluco Cookie, 250g
Parle Milano Centre Filled, 75g - Product Features
  • Experience a sweet surprise with every bite of Parle milano center filled choco biscuits
  • These also make for yummy after office or school treats
  • Try these delectable delights today, we bet you'll crave for more
Parle Milano Cookie, 75g Pouch - Product Features
  • Combination of taste and health
  • Highly nutritive
  • Source of strength for body and mind
Parle Hide and Seek Choco Chip Cookies, 350g - Product Features
  • Choco chip
  • Cookies
  • Exclusive parle platina collection
Parle Monaco Cheeselings, Classic, 150g Jar - Product Features
  • A classic savoury snack made with cheese
  • Contains added flavours
Parle Rusk, Elaichi, 273g - Product Features
  • Baked to perfection and enriched with elaichi
  • It's the perfect companion to your daily cup of piping chai
Parle Hide and Seek Choco Rolls, 75g - Product Features
  • Delicious choco filled rolls
  • They are best described as melt in your mouth
  • Crunchy choco fills which are perfect for an anytime snack

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