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Noodles and Pasta By Chef's Basket

by Chef's Basket
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by Chef's Basket
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by Chef's Basket
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Pasta Elbow, 2 x 500 g - Product Features
  • Pasta made using 100% durum wheat semolina
  • High in protein
  • Zero trans-fat
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Gives a delicious bite and mouth feel
  • Non sticky pasta
Durum Wheat Penne Pasta, 500g (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • Made with 100 percent durum wheat semolina (suji)
  • Imported from turkey packaged in India
  • Country of Origin: India
Durum Wheat Elbow Pasta | Vegetarian | Made With Durum Wheat Semolina | 500 gm - Product Features
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Chefs Basket Durum Wheat Elbow Pasta is made with 100% premium quality durum wheat semolina which is rich in protein & fibre. It delivers an authentic Italian gourmet experience along with health benefits. We endeavour to enrich your daily life with our premium pasta that is both lip-smacking as well as power-packed with micronutrients. It is carefully made to deliver exceptional quality. Right from ensuring the premium texture, classic shape, and superior taste, to detailed quality checks
  • PACKED WITH GOODNESS: It is the perfect blend between delicious goodness & wholesome nutrition. It's a protein-rich choice which aids growth & development in the human body. This pasta has a considerably high level of Protein, Fibre & Carbohydrates which helps in the slow release of energy that keeps you full and active for a long time. The combination of scrumptious taste & high nutrition makes this whole wheat pasta a healthy pick for breakfast, quick snack, dinner, kids lunch box, etc.
  • VERSATILE USE: With Chef's Basket Durum Wheat Elbow Pasta, unleash your inner chef & create a wide range of delectable pasta dishes in the sauces of your choice. Its shape makes it a great fit for salads. It is delightfully soft & non-sticky, making cooking a lot easier & effortless. Create unique pasta dishes that cater to your family's preferences and dietary needs.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Since 1956, Weikfield enjoys international appeal, yet at the same time upholds a strong local connection. It has dedicated itself to delighting the taste buds of millions with its wholesome & delicious products. Weikfield pasta ensures that every meal is delicious yet nourishing. It comes with the power of micronutrients, fortified with Iron, Folic Acid & Vitamin B12 making it the healthiest pasta.
Chefs Basket Explorer Chunky Arrabbiata Pasta, 237g - Product Features
  • Cooks in 10 minutes
  • Contains pasta, sauce and seasonings
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Single serving
Chefs Basket Durum Wheat Penne Pasta, 500g - Product Features
  • Turkish pasta
  • High in protein, high in fibre
  • No maida

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