Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, previously known as Bombay. This capital is analogous to the City of Dreams not only for the people of India but also for the people around the world and Mumbai is certainly famous for many things. The city never remains idle at night either, which should come as no surprise as there is so much to do here. There are some cities that undoubtedly have a greater impact and influence on our lives because of their culture, history and lifestyle, one of those cities in Mumbai. It has a fascinating history with plenty of enticing stories. The city is full of visionaries and hard workers, gangsters, exotic birds, stray dogs, performers and servants and millionaires. Indias most creative film industry i.e. Bollywood is based in Mumbai and some of Asias biggest slums and these things are what Mumbai is popular for. The seven islands that make up this beautiful city of dreams were authentically home to communities of Koli people. So whether you want to experience the morning sunset or unwind in the evening at one of the citys sub-locations, the city will not lack experiences unique to the city.
Mumbai is definitely one of those cities that love street food. Ranging from a variety of chats to pani puri and if you ask Mumbai is famous for what food the answer is vada pav. Its the biggest danger to burgers and pizzas. It is a fast food dish that is local to Maharashtra. It is commonly served along with one or more chutneys and green chilli. It is also famous as the Bombay burger as it resembles the original burgers. It may seem very easy to cook, but very few people have grasped the art of making it the right way. This is a must try snack when you visit Mumbai

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