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Amazon Pantry has been aggressively expanding its presence to 300 + cities and towns in India.

Through Amazon Pantry, customers get access to about 5,000 + products from over 500 + brands across categories like staples, household supplies, personal care, and others. In selected 300 + Major and small cities like Bengaluru, Delhi Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune, it allows customers to choose time slots to schedule order deliveries.
by Maggi
Price: Price153 Mrp Price180
You Save: You Save27.00 (15%)
by Scotch-Brite
Price: Price280 Mrp Price320
You Save: You Save40.00 (13%)
by MTR
Price: Price152 Mrp Price205
You Save: You Save53.00 (26%)
by Taj Mahal
Price: Price610 Mrp Price630
You Save: You Save20.00 (3%)
by Pampers
Price: Price544 Mrp Price699
You Save: You Save155.00 (22%)
by Sunfeast Farmlite
Price: Price112 Mrp Price180
You Save: You Save68.00 (38%)
by Pillsbury
Price: Price264 Mrp Price330
You Save: You Save66.00 (20%)
by Amazon Brand - Solimo
Price: Price635 Mrp Price845
You Save: You Save210.00 (25%)
Price: Price99 Mrp Price170
You Save: You Save71.00 (42%)
by Vedaka
Price: Price112 Mrp Price220
You Save: You Save108.00 (49%)
by Kohinoor
Price: Price299 Mrp Price420
You Save: You Save121.00 (29%)
Price: Price53 Mrp Price65
You Save: You Save12.00 (18%)
by India Gate
Price: Price279 Mrp Price365
You Save: You Save86.00 (24%)
by Godrej
Price: Price230 Mrp Price299
You Save: You Save68.77 (23%)
by Savlon
Price: Price132 Mrp Price144
You Save: You Save11.52 (8%)
by Amazon Brand - Solimo
Price: Price242 Mrp Price280
You Save: You Save38.00 (14%)
by Tata
Price: Price730 Mrp Price895
You Save: You Save165.00 (18%)
Price: Price190 Mrp Price380
You Save: You Save190.00 (50%)
by Himalaya
Price: Price287 Mrp Price350
You Save: You Save63.00 (18%)
Price: Price282 Mrp Price310
You Save: You Save28.00 (9%)
by Margo
Price: Price185 Mrp Price228
You Save: You Save43.00 (19%)
by Scotch-Brite
Price: Price280 Mrp Price320
You Save: You Save40.00 (13%)
by Mother Dairy
Price: Price446 Mrp Price525
You Save: You Save79.00 (15%)
by Parachute
Price: Price250 Mrp Price0
You Save: You Save0
by Daawat
Price: Price475 Mrp Price900
You Save: You Save425.00 (47%)
by Liril
Price: Price162 Mrp Price180
You Save: You Save18.00 (10%)
by Himalaya
Price: Price944 Mrp Price1000
You Save: You Save56.00 (6%)
by Happilo
Price: Price224 Mrp Price325
You Save: You Save101.00 (31%)
by Vedaka
Price: Price569 Mrp Price700
You Save: You Save131.00 (19%)
by Clinic Plus
Price: Price361 Mrp Price434
You Save: You Save73.00 (17%)
by Pampers
Price: Price759 Mrp Price999
You Save: You Save240.00 (24%)
by Amazon Brand - Solimo
Price: Price82 Mrp Price125
You Save: You Save43.00 (34%)
by Genteel
Price: Price240 Mrp Price320
You Save: You Save80.00 (25%)
by Godrej aer
Price: Price249 Mrp Price265
You Save: You Save16.00 (6%)
by Protinex
Price: Price940 Mrp Price990
You Save: You Save50.00 (5%)
by Kohinoor
Price: Price519 Mrp Price899
You Save: You Save380.00 (42%)
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