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Amazon Brand - Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue Soft Poly Pack - 200 Pulls (Pack of 3) - Product Features
  • Soft-touch facial tissues that are gentle on the skin
  • Facial Tissues made from 100% natural virgin paper
  • Highly absorbent tissues that can be used in cars, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices
  • 2-ply white facial tissues
  • Sheet size: 19.5 cm x 20 cm
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA)
  • Pack contents: 3 Facial Tissue soft poly packs with 200 sheets per pack
Amazon Brand - Solimo 3 Ply Toilet Paper/Tissue Roll - 4 Rolls (300 Pulls Per Roll) - Product Features
  • Tissues made from 100% natural virgin paper
  • 3 ply tissues with 300 sheets per roll
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA)
  • Quickly absorbs water and gets flushed easily
  • Soft tissues with smooth feel
  • Safe and hygienic choice for your family
  • Pack of 4 bathroom tissue rolls
Amazon Brand - Presto! Air Freshener Pocket, Jasmine Dew - 10 g (Pack of 3) - Product Features
  • Refreshing Jasmine Dew fragrance
  • Ideal to use in small spaces like cupboards, shoe racks, toilet, bathrooms, etc
  • Neutralizes odour and tackles unpleasant smell
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • 10 gm air freshener blocks available in a pack of 3

A household consists of one or more people who live in the same dwelling and share meals. It may also consist of a single family or another group of people. A dwelling is considered. To contain multiple households if meals or living spaces are not shared. The household is the basic unit of analysis in many social, microeconomic and government models, and is important to economics and inheritance.

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