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by Gits
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You Save: 4.25 (5%)
by Knorr
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You Save: 2.75 (5%)
by Knorr
Price: Price29 Mrp Price30
You Save: 0.90 (3%)
by Gits
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You Save: 2.25 (5%)
by MTR
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You Save: 3.00 (5%)
by MTR
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You Save: 6.00 (30%)
Price: Price53 Mrp Price65
You Save: 12.00 (18%)
by Gits
Price: Price62 Mrp Price65
You Save: 3.25 (5%)
by MTR
Price: Price86 Mrp Price90
You Save: 4.50 (5%)
by MTR
Price: Price85 Mrp Price105
You Save: 20.00 (19%)
Price: Price24 Mrp Price25
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Price: Price84 Mrp Price120
You Save: 36.00 (30%)
by Tata
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You Save: 3.50 (5%)
Gits Ready to Eat Aloo Matar, 300g - Product Features
  • Heat and eat
  • Fully cooked
  • No preservatives
Knorr Classic Chicken Delite Soup, 44g - Product Features
  • Made with Real Chicken and 100% real vegetables
  • Contains no added preservatives
  • Ready to eat in 3 simple steps
  • Serves 4
  • Goes well with: White Sauce Pasta or Red Sauce Pasta
  • Chef's Tip: Garnish with grated cheese & garlic and serve with pan fried bread pieces
  • Knorr Chicken Delite soup can be used to make a Cheese and Chicken Toast appetizer.
Knorr Soupy Noodles, Mast Masala, 150g - Product Features
  • Enjoy a bowl full of soup plus noodles
  • Great after school snack for kids as it has the benefit of soup and taste of noodles
  • Made with 100% Real Vegetables
  • No added preservativies
  • Source of Protein
  • Multi pack for a family experience
Gits Dhokla Mix, 200g - Product Features
  • Ready in 3 easy steps
  • 100 percent vegetarian
  • No preservatives
MTR Breakfast Mix Dosa, 200g - Product Features
  • Dosa Breakfast Mix is another ready made breakfast cereal
MTR Vegetable Upma Pouch, 60g - Product Features
  • 3 minute breakfast
  • Just add hot water
  • No added preservatives
DESI ATTA Dahi VADA Mix 200g - Product Features
  • Ready to Cook Mix
  • North Indian Speciality
  • No Soaking & grinding required
  • Good Source of Protien
Gits Instant Brown Rice Idli, 200g - Product Features
  • Now create exciting dishes at your home easily
  • Available in 5 healthy options
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
MTR Ready to Eat Mixed Vegetable Curry, 300g - Product Features
  • Ready in minutes
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • All-natural and vegetarian
  • Product of India
Gits Ready to Eat Basmati Rice & Rajma Masala - Combo Meal, 375g - Product Features
  • Heat and eat
  • Fully cooked
  • No preservatives
MTR Rice Idly Breakfast Mix, 500g - Product Features
  • Soft, fluffy, light as air idlis
  • A delicious, traditional breakfast
  • Ready in an instant
Brown & Polson Vanilla Custard Powder, 500g - Product Features
  • Easy-to-make dessert
Weikfield Custard Powder, Mango Flavour 75g - Product Features
  • Weikfield Custard Powder Aamras
24 Mantra Organic Whole Moong Khichdi, 200g - Product Features
  • Completely organic
  • No preservative added
  • The products are wholesome, fresh and healthy, with a taste of home cooked food
Tata Sampann Pakoda Mix, 180g - Product Features
  • The best accompaniment with your evening tea
  • Much more healthy for the consumers

Instant baby food - dehydrated baby food was produced by Gerber and Heinz in the 1980s. Dehydrated baby food products produced by both companies consisted of dehydrated food flakes. The Gerber product never came into fruition as a widely used product; it was only test-run in Omaha, Nebraska for around eight to nine months, and consumer adoption was not sufficient for the product to go into mass production.

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