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Brylcreem Beard & Mooch Butter Balm, 50 gm - Product Features
  • Tames Unruly Beard
  • Shapes Unruly Beard
  • Rich, Long Lasting Softness
  • Infused with Vitamin E and Coconut oil6The balm sits on beard and skin for long, giving moisturisation and nourishment
  • Designed for better manageability
Old Spice Musk Pre Shave Cream, 70g - Product Features
  • Old Spice Shave Cream - 70 g (Musk)
FA Men After Shave Lotion Speedster, 100 ml - Product Features
  • Fa after shave for men
  • International formulation
  • Vitalizing and refreshing skin feeling
  • Soothes the skin after shaving
  • Cares for your skin with pro-vitamin b5
  • Dermatologically tested
Ustraa Beard Softener for Beard Care, 100g - Product Features
  • All the nutrition your beard needs in a cream
  • A combination of vital ingredients that nourish, soften and make beard healthy and itch free
  • Argon oil: it moisturises and repairs dry damaged hair
  • Shea butter: natural hair softener that moisturises hair and repairs hair damage
  • Castor oil: one of the best oils for hair health which thickens and conditions hair
  • Sls and paraben free
  • How to use: massage gently on dense beard to keep it soft and manageable every time you step out of your home
Gillette Series 3x Protection Sensitive Shave Foam with Aloe - 245 g - Product Features
  • High grade emollients and lubricating ingredients, including glycerine and silica, hydrate and moisturize to enhance razor glide and deliver a smooth, comfortable shave
Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream For Women (Turmeric) - 25 g - Product Features
  • Brightening hair removal with anti-darkening properties
  • Gentle hair removal cream for body and legs
  • Enriched with Liquorice extracts
  • Hair removal for oily skin
  • Gives you flawless & glowing skin
Veet Instant Waxing Kit with Easy-Gelwax Technology for Normal Skin - 8 Strips - Product Features
  • Easy grip, ready to use 8 wax strips
  • Gives beautiful smooth skin for up to 4 weeks in easy steps in the comfort of your home
  • Effective at pulling out hair as short as 1. 5Mm
  • No heating, no mess - and gives instantly exfoliated skin
Ustraa Beard Wash for Men, 60ml - Product Features
  • Specialized cleanser (shampoo) for your beard
  • Soya proteins: moisturises, conditions and repairs hair
  • Wheat proteins: helps in strengthening hair, thereby preventing hair breakage
  • Cedar wood essential oils: it has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sls and paraben free
  • How to use: take a small quantity, rub between palms
Old Spice Shave Cream - 70 g (Original) - Product Features
    Fresh Essential Shave Foam - Sensitive, 200 ml - Product Features
    • Ensures superior razor gliding and a comfortable shave
    • Its richer and creamier formula protect against irritations
    • Actively protects the skin from drying while shaving
    • Softens the stubble for a close shave without tug and pull
    • Gives a gentle cooling sensation for a comfortable shave
    Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream, Sensitive Skin - 50 g - Product Features
    • Effective hair removal in just 5 to 10 minutes
    • Removes short stubborn hair from legs, arms, underarms and bikini line
    • Clinically proven to leave your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours
    • New fragrance technology is also designed to ensure that there is no lingering malodour
    • Our sensitive skin formula is enriched with aloevera and vitamin E, known for their soothing properties, dermatologically tested
    • legs
    • arms
    • underarms
    • bikini line
    NIVEA MEN Sensitive Cooling Shaving Foam 200ml - Product Features
    • Softens the stubble for a close shave without tug and pull
    • Protects skin from irritations without burning
    Gillette Venus Breeze Hair Removal Razor for Women - Product Features
    • In built gel bars with avocado oil and body butters for glide
    • Scent of freesia flowers
    • Flexible pivoting head that glides smoothly along your curves
    • Rounded head with three movable blades that removes even fine hair
    • Easy grip rubber handle for regular use in the shower
    • Removes hair without the pain and no strong chemicals
    Dettol lather shaving cream 60g+18gfree=78g - Product Features
    • 10 X better protection versus ordinary shaving creams
    • Formulated to provide a close and comfortable shave
    • Creates a smooth creamy lather for comfortable shave
    • Prevents nicks, cuts and razor burns from infection
    • Recommended by Indian Medical Association
    • Take a warm shower or wash your face before shaving to help soften the hair and open up the pores
    • You should always shave in the same direction of the hair growth
    • Apply an even layer of the shaving cream across the areas to be shaved for a uniform hair removal
    • It's always helpful to have a fresh blade in your razor and a disinfectant shaving cream to make sure the razor and the shaving is clean
    • Shave with the grain in cartridges and rinsing often between strokes
    • For a safer shave without nicks and cuts, try keeping the razor at a 30 degree angle or above
    • Rinse off the face with lukewarm water at first and then splash with cold water to close the pores and prevent razor bumps, also promoting hair growth
    Gillette Flexball Pro Glide Gift Pack - Flexball Razor with 4 Flexball Cartridge - Product Features
    • Enables blades to pivot front to back and side to side to respond to contours for our best shave
    • Flex ball technology delivers a close shave with fewer missed hairs
    • Reengineered razor blades with thinner, finer edges and an advanced low resistance coating that cut effortlessly through hair
    • Maintains optimal razor blade spacing for comfort, while allowing the blades to adjust to the contours of your face

    Shaving with a manual razor is one of the most popular hair removal methods; it's easy, affordable and fast. Soak your skin in warm water via a shower or bath for a few minutes, apply shaving gel and use a sharp razor blade in light, steady strokes.

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