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Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive Oats with Raisins Biscuits, 75g - Product Features
  • Loaded with oats and wheat fiber
  • Fiber helps in digestion and helps lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Juicy raisins makes it really tasty
  • No compromise on taste while looking for healthy biscuits
Britannia Nutri Choice Cracker Simply Lite, 300g - Product Features
  • Britannia NutriChoice Cracker Simply Lite
Parle G Original Gluco Cookie, 250g - Product Features
  • Parle G Original Gluco Cookie, 250g
Sunfeast Moms Magic Chocolate Chip, 60g - Product Features
  • cocoa from Ghana and dollops of luscious butter in one delectable cookie
Parle Milano Centre Filled, 75g - Product Features
  • Experience a sweet surprise with every bite of Parle milano center filled choco biscuits
  • These also make for yummy after office or school treats
  • Try these delectable delights today, we bet you'll crave for more
Tasty Treat Wafer Biscuit Mango Bx 75G - Product Features
    Sunfeast Moms Magic Chocochip, 120g - Product Features
    • Crunchy cookie
    • Sprinkled with chocochip
    • Awesome for your taste buds
    Britannia Little Hearts , 37g - Product Features
    • Nothing accompanies fun moments with friends like a pack of little hearts
    • Light, crunchy biscuits generously sprinkled with sugar
    • They blissfully melt in your mouth
    Britannia The Original Bourbon, 60g+10g extra - Product Features
    • Smooth chocolate cream spread in between crunchy chocolate biscuits topped with sugar crystals
    • Best relished in the company of your craziest
    • Naughtiest friends as you spend hours gossiping and planning your next trick
    • We have a pocket pack, a hangout pack and a party pack
    Sunfeast Marie Light Rich Taste, 120g (Buy 4 Get 1 Free) - Product Features
    • Made from the choicest golden wheat
    • Enriched with natural wheat fibre
    • Light and crispy biscuits are perfect with your cup of tea
    • They promise you good health in every bite as they contain zero percent transfat and zero percent cholesterol
    Britannia NutriChoice Cracker simply lite (sugar free), 100g - Product Features
    • Our crackers dont have any of those strong artificial flavours people are crazy about
    • Nor do they have any of those bright, synthetic colours that attract so much attention
    • It is a biscuit made with the natural taste of sun-kissed golden wheat, whose crisp and delicate textures come together effortlessly in each bite
    Parle Milano Cookie, 75g Pouch - Product Features
    • Combination of taste and health
    • Highly nutritive
    • Source of strength for body and mind
    Britannia Treat, Jim Jam, 150g - Product Features
      Sunfeast Marie Light, Orange, 75g - Product Features
        Parle Hide and Seek Choco Chip Cookies, 350g - Product Features
        • Choco chip
        • Cookies
        • Exclusive parle platina collection

        A biscuit is a baked flour-based food product. Outside of North America, the biscuit is typically hard, flat, and unleavened; in North America it is typically a soft leavened quick bread.

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