Feminine Hygiene By Seni

by Seni
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by Seni
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Seni Soft Comfort Underpads - 1 PC - Product Features
  • Magic gel keeps the moisture locked away, provides dryness and ensures comfort
  • Anti bacteria properties of absorbent core prevent from bacteria development
  • Odour stop feature of superabsorbent blocks bacteria multiplication and decreases the emission of an unpleasant smell
  • Unique embossment ensures optimal liquid distribution and quick absorption
Seni Soft Super Underpads - 1 PC - Product Features
  • Thick and soft absorbent core, covered with gentle non woven, ensures comfort even for delicate skin
  • High absorbency materials provide long lasting protection against leakages
  • Comfort and safety guaranteed by the special combination of waterproof back sheet and gentle non-woven top sheet for clean and hygienic use
  • Due to the highest absorbency of all seni under pads, seni soft super is recommended for cauterized patients

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