Feminine Hygiene By Sofy

by Sofy
Price: Price527 Mrp Price620
You Save: 93.00 (15%)
by Sofy
Price: Price381 Mrp Price449
You Save: 68.00 (15%)
Sofy Soft Tampons - 32 Pieces (Super) - Product Features
  • Sofy soft tampons gives you freedom from leakage, wetness and discomfort
  • Easy to use with applicator
  • Long lasting absorbency upto 8 hours
  • V shape after absorption for easy removal
Sofy Cool Super XL + 44P - Product Features
  • Its deep absorbent sheet absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top sheet visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage
  • Super xl+: Extra protection from leakage
  • Cool water fragrance gives you cool and fresh feeling
  • Napkin is ultra slim and gentle to the skin with no usage feeling

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