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by Fofizon
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Pallavis Spices Malwani Masala, 50 g (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • Quantity: 100 g
  • Shelf Life: 540 Days
  • Included Items: 2 Packs of Malwani Masala, 50 g Each
  • Specialty: No Artificial Colors
  • Storage Instructions: Transfer contents in to an airtight glass container; Store in a cool, dry & hygenic place; Keep away from sunlight
  • Legal Disclaimer: Packed in facility that handles tree nuts, peanuts & sesame seeds
DADEV Organic and Raw Honey-350gm - Product Features
  • Dadev Raw Honey comes with high pollen counts
  • Unprocessed, Organic and Raw Forest Honey
  • From hive to table, a product of exceptional quality so you can enjoy the superior taste, quality and benefits straight from nature.
  • Our dedication to the purity and quality of our honey is what sets us apart from the rest.
Fofizon-Dry Bombay Duck Chutney 100g - Product Features
  • 100g 249.00
  • 250g 399.00
  • Home made chutney
  • Made from sun dried bombay duck
  • Quantity: 100 g
Bhut Jolokia Chilli Sauce, Extra Hot, 190g - Product Features
  • Only sauce made from chilli puree
  • 10x hotter than any other sauce
  • Great accompaniment with snacks/meals
  • Can be used as marinade
Supathya Milagai podi-Idli Dosa Powder-Chutney podi Masala-Gun Powder-Karam Molaga Podi-200g (Spice: Medium Texture: Course) - Product Features
  • Spice: High Texture: Course 188.00
  • Spice: High Texture: Fine 188.00
  • Spice: Low Texture: Course 185.00
  • Spice: Low Texture: Fine 185.00
  • Spice: Medium Texture: Course 185.00
  • Spice: Medium Texture: Fine 185.00
  • Supathya Chutney powder is 100% homemade product. No added Preservatives or flavors
  • Spice up your idlis and dosa with Supathya Karam powder
  • Serve Milagai podi or gun powder mixed in til ka oil for best taste
  • Authentic Taste of rural Tamilnadu in the form of Molaga podi
  • For best results empty contents of idly karam podi into a stainless steel container for storage
Tra Chang Thai Shrimp Paste, 400g - Product Features
  • Shrimp paste or shrimp sauce is made from fermented ground shrimp mixed with salt
  • Made from shrimp 80 percent..
  • Authentic shrimp paste.
  • It is often an ingredient in dip for fish or vegetables.
  • Product of Thailand
Cookme Mustard Paste 50g - Product Features
  • An exquisite blend of rich and best quality spices
  • Add an amazing taste, color and flavour to dish
  • Made with advanced technology which retains the flavour and aroma of spices.
Fusion PlatterBarbeque Sauce, Barbeque Seasoning (Marinade) and Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky) (Combo of 3) - Product Features
  • Total Weight: 505 grams
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Type Of Container: Bottle
  • Package Contents: 155 ml of Barbeque Sauce, 250 grams of Barbeque Seasoning (Marinade) And 100 grams of Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky)
  • Storage Instructions: Stir Well Before Use. Keep In Cool And Dry Place. Refrigerate After Opening.
  • Special Feature: No Artificial Color. No Artificial Flavor
POORVA FOOD PRODUCTS Pounded Groundnut Chutney (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • Product: Pounded Groundnut Chutney
  • Pack of 2
  • It keeps well over a long time and can be used to add variety to any breakfast item as a side dish
24 Mantra Organic Tamarind Premium, 500g - Product Features
  • Cures digestion problems
  • Tangy taste
  • Used in sorbets
  • Sweet and sour
  • Preparation of imli chutney
Lion Saffron, Pure Kashmir Lacha Saffron/ Kesar/ Keshar for Beauty, Cooking and Tilak- 1 gm - Product Features
  • Pack of 1 205.00
  • Pack of 2 380.00
  • Pack of 3 from 2 sellers
  • Pack of 5 900.00
  • Natural High Quality Saffron/ Zafran / Jafran:Lacha is the combination of stigma and style of the highest quality of saffron grown in Kashmir, India. Recognized by its deep red strands with yellow/orange tails, the kesar contains 80% red stigma and 20% orange style, which gives the saffron (also known as Kungumapoo and Kumkuma Puvvu) a great fragrance, making it ideal for dishes that need the element of aroma.
  • Ideal for Daily Consumption:Because of its cost effectiveness, Lacha is perfect for daily consumption by women, men and children. Used by chefs, it can be used for daily cooking and for cooking aromatic sweet dishes such as Kheer, Phirni, Kesar Pista Kulfi and laddu. Pair it with other dry fruits and prepare healthy beverages such as tea, Kahwa, Thandai and Lassi. The recipe for kesar badam milk powder provided with our kesar can be used everyday.
  • Can be used for Daily Skin Care and for Performing Religious Activities:The saffron is good for daily skin care. It can be used in face packs, uptans and infused with toners for skin improvement. The kesar is perfect for chandan tilak during festivals such as Rakshabandhan/Rakhi, Bhai-Dooj etc and for Puja/Pooja and other religious activities.
  • WHY OUR SAFFRON IS COST EFFECTIVE:Quality should not come at a heavy price. Our saffron is 100% pure and natural. It is harvested, naturally dried, packed and brought straight to you, allowing us to provide you fresh and high quality saffron. By eliminating the middle men, we have not only reduced the number of hands that would have touched your saffron and decreased the cost but also ensured that the earnings from the flowers are retained in the area of Kashmir among the farmers.
  • Resealable Travel-Friendly Standard Air-Tight Tin Packaging to Allow Longer Preservation of Freshness:The saffron comes in a spill proof, air-tight resealable container that helps preserve the saffron longer and keeps it away from sunlight, moisture and oxygen. The strong nature of tin allows easy storage and travel.The packaging offers the best value for money. It has a shelf life of one year. Store it in a cool and dry place, away from the sunlight. Refrigerate it.
Dunhill Desire Peri Multi-Purpose Masala Seasoning (200 g), - Product Features
  • 1 Kg 890.00
  • 100 Gram 190.00
  • 200 Gram 279.00
  • 400 Gram 470.00
  • Desire peri peri seasoning (multi purpose seasoning)
  • Make your food The slow burn with desire piri piri
  • Desire piri piri will give your dishes a fiery kick so you can say it with yummy flavour
  • Our piri piri comes bulk packaged in a heat-sealed and re-closeable plastic bottle to retain its freshness
  • Desire foods- serving good food for your healthy life
H.S Dry Fish Ready to Eat Big Prawns Chutney (100 g) - Product Features
  • Dry big prawns are a great source of protein, and provide some of the most important vitamins and minerals
  • Make up a healthy diet
  • They are surprisingly low in calories and are made up of extremely healthy cholesterol
GISKAA Fresh King Chilli / Bhut Jolokia / U-morok Pickle (Veg)-180 g from Kohima, Nagaland - Product Features
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Naga King Chilli Pickle, sets your mouth on fire on just a tiny piece-only for lovers of spice!
  • from Kohima, Nagaland.
Fusion PlatterPeri Peri Seasoning (Smoky) and Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky) (Combo of 2) - Product Features
  • Total Weight: 300 grams
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Type Of Container: Bottle
  • Package Contents: 200 grams of Peri Peri Seasoning (Smoky) And 100 grams of Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky)
  • Storage Instructions: Keep In Cool And Dry Place. Refrigerate After Opening.
  • Special Feature: Suitable For Vegans. No Artificial Flavor And Color


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