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Wandering Foodie Shorshe Posto, 100gm - Product Features
  • Ideal for use with potatoes, gourd, fish or prawns. Can also be used with other vegetables
  • Easy to use: Simply mix with water to form paste before use. Recipe printed on pack
  • Traditional spice mix from Bengal. Combines 2 favourite Bengali spices Shorshe (mustard) and Posto (poppy seeds)
  • Shorshe (mustard) packs a pungent punch, while posto smoothens palate by providing a nutty, neutralizing flavour.
Fusion Platter Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky), 100 Grams - Product Features
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Type Of Container: Bottle
  • Package Contents: 1 100 grams Barbeque Seasoning (Smoky)
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in cool & dry place. Refrigerate after opening.
  • Special Feature: Suitable For Vegans. No Artificial Flavor And Color
Urban Platter Dried Kokum (Garcinia Indica), 500g - Product Features
  • Urban Platter Dried Kokum (Garcinia Indica), 500g
  • Traditionally, Kokum is used to flavour a large variety of beverages, curries, candies and pickles.
  • Ayurveda recommends Kokum for relief from Pitta Dosha, and is a Sattvik Spice.
  • Try making delicious Solkadi with our dried Kokum and chill this weekend!
  • Urban Platter - Simply Good Food! :)
Lily Auntys Mangalore Ghee Roast Masala - 150 GMS Gourmet Curry Paste (Chicken, Seafood, Meat, Egg and Veg Dishes) - Product Features
  • Gourmet Curry Paste
  • Contains Almonds
  • No MSG
  • Makes 4 dishes
  • Scan QR code with packaging to download recipes
Easy Life Roasted Garlic 300g (Chefs Easy Solutions for his Basket of Ingredients - a Perfect one!! :) - Product Features
  • Garlic adds the real zing to every meal. Used in pasta,pizza, maggie noodles, vegetable soups, sauces, purees and bread
  • Ingredients such as red chilli flakes, spices,garlic powder, onion powder or garlic sprinkles are a boon for every chef and a must for their pantry !! :)
  • Ready to use. Handy and a must for every kitchen.
  • A multi use product. No need to peel fresh garlic.
  • Comes with 20 years of trust in Easy Life :) !
Easy Life Oregano Seasoning, 250g - Product Features
  • Oregano Seasoning Is A Versatile Blend Which Is Widely Used With Continental Dishes, Especially In Sandwich, Pizza & Other Italian Dishes.
  • Our Special Blend Is Customised For The Indian Style Of Cooking.
  • It Has An Appealing Aroma & Smooth Flavor That Will Pamper Your Tastebuds.
  • Natural, NO MSG, NO Artificial Flavors or Colours added. Come with Twenty years of Trust in Easy Life :)
  • Wt: 250g ; Best Before 18 Months
Eastern Idli Chutney Powder (100g) x 2, Coconut Chutney Powder (100g) x2 ( Pack of 4) - Product Features
  • Ideal accompaniment for your delicious breakfast recipes
  • Homemade spicy chutney powder.
  • Can be used with idlis, dosas.
  • No added Preservatives
My Village Fish Chutney Powder / Ready to Eat Anchovy Fish Chutney (200g) - Product Features
  • Contains 90% processed and fried anchovy fishes
  • Ready to Eat chutney powder. No need for cooking or baking
  • Free from preservatives and other chemical additives. 100% Natural and healthy product. Anchovies are much nutritious and so tasty
  • Good with rice, bread, chapathi, rotti, dosa etc. Very tasty and quality seafood product from My village. Contains no coconut
  • Very Nutritious and Healthy. A pure village product from My Village Food Products
Bhavanis Organic Combo Pack of Curry, Shahi Biryani and Fish Curry Masala Powder, 100 Gram - Product Features
  • Curry, Shahi Biryani and fish curry is a blend of Indian spices-lightly dry roasted, super aromatic, flavourful
  • This spice blend is a vital ingredient found in almost all indian kitchens and used in daily cooking
  • No added preservatives
  • Fresh and 100% natural
  • 100 percent certified organic powder, made from the finest blend of spices sourced from certified organic farms across India
Max Care Wide Mouth Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml - Product Features
  • 332.00
  • - -
  • Wide mouth for easy use during winters - will solidify below 20c
  • Extracted from fresh coconut milk, 100 percent natural, cold pressed and unrefined
  • Skin care, hair care, baby care, dietary
  • Can be used for internal consumption and external application
  • Promotes healthy metabolism and weight loss
Quality Snacks and Spices Kudam Pulli Dried Tamarind/kokum Rind Fresh from Kerala 250 GM - Product Features
  • Whole kokum sourced from kerala and its border
  • Dried kokum rind used to flavour a variety of curries, pickles etc
  • It has a sweet and sour aroma mainly used in kerala to flavour fish curries
  • Has multiple health benefits and is recommended by ayurveda
Umadi Bijapur Coconut Garlic Chutney, 200 g (Set of 2) - Product Features
  • Agasi(Flax Seeds) 120.00
  • Coconut Garlic 190.00
  • Garlic 120.00
  • Gurellu(Niger Seeds) 120.00
  • Methkut(Fenugreek Seeds) 120.00
  • Shenga(Groundnut) 170.00
  • Quantity: 200 g
  • Set of 2
  • Adds an additional taste to food
My Spice Voyage Masalas Combo of 3 (50 Grams Each) - Product Features
  • The spice mix/ masala is Vegan, nut free, with no artificial taste enhancers or flavoring agents used. Ingredients used are completely fresh and natural.
  • Our spices are not mass produced. They are handmade from natural ingredients, sourced whole and fresh, or forest picked, sun-dried, dry-roasted and bottled with loving care in our kitchen, to preserve their aroma.
  • Each spice is a chronicle of our lives, carrying within it the many influences and culinary encounters that helped create it.
ESPIRE SPICES Dry Mango Powder, 400g - Product Features
  • ESPIRE SPICES Aamchur Powder, 200g is dried pulverized form of raw mangoes and adds perfect tanginess to any dish.
  • AUTHENTIC AMCHUR: Freshness of aamchur powder can be judged by its colour. Freshly Ground amchur will be of creamish white and turn brownish over time. ESPIRE SPICES packes fresh ground amchur that will add tangy zest & aroma to your dish.
  • USE LESS! GET MORE: Being freshly ground, ESPIRE SPICES aamchor masala is more powerful than regular amchur. Use one spoon of ESPIRE SPICES aamchur instead of 2 Spoons of ordinary masala.
  • Authentic flavours of Rajsthan
  • Made In INDIA
New Tree Roasted Flax Seeds 150gm Set of 3 - Product Features
  • The presence of omega-3 essential fatty acids makes it heart friendly.
  • Flax Seeds are the vital source of powerful antioxidants and fiber.
  • It's low in carbs, which makes it the perfect snack for weight watchers.
  • It's lower in cholesterol, and very healthy for your hair and skin.
  • They're a rich source of Vitamin-B, Proteins, and Magnesium.

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