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SpiceMart Super Hot Ghost Chilli/Bhut Jolokia Powder, 40g - Product Features
  • The pepper's intense heat makes it a fixture in competitive chili pepper eating
  • In northeastern india, the peppers are smeared on fences or incorporated in smoke bombs as a safety precaution to keep wild elephants at a distance
  • It is used in both fresh and dried forms, to not only \"heat up\" curries, pickles and chutneys, but also to impart two distinct flavors to them. It is popularly used in combination with pork or dried or fermented fish
Sheetal Gruha Udyog Home Food Products Onion Garlic Powder Kanda Lasun Masala (200 g X Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • Shelf life: 365 days
  • Aromatic and delicious Masala
  • Prepared using the finest quality Byadagi Chilly, garlic, onion & spices and masalas to ensure the genuine homemade flavour and quality.
  • No articial color and adulteration
  • Home Made Quality Product
VANTATTVA-NATURES GOODNESS Organic Raw Honey -275gm - Product Features
  • 275.0 Grams 245.00
  • 700.0 Grams 499.00
  • Honey is BEST when it is RAW.
  • Vantattva Raw Honey is unprocessed, unheated single source honey collected from Himalayan Region (Uttrakhand/Nepal Border).
  • It is dark in colour and viscous. (Moisture is only 17.5%). Taste is milder than normal honey at the same time intact with higher pollen, enzymes and antioxidants. It builds immunity, increase Metabolism and improve Digestion process.
  • Recommended use - One Table spoon of Honey in Warm Water along with Lemon/Ginger to be taken early morning empty stomach.
  • Daily Use of Honey will help in increasing antioxidant Levels in Bloodstream, lowering obesity and cholesterol levels.
PICKLE GALLERY Mittals Dry Bittergourd Karela Chutney Pouch - 100gm Each (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • Mittal's present Mazedar Dry Chutney, available in pouch. Eat Healthy Live Healthy.
  • Ingredients: Bitter Gourd, Edible Common Salt, Tamarind, Red Chilli, Garlic, Edible Vegetable Oil, Cumin Seeds, Curry Leaves, Preservative (E211).
  • Special Feature:No artificial flavours or colours are used. Good Quality Oil is used for Pickle.
  • Storage Instructions : Store in a cool and dry place away from moisture. Always use a dry spoon.
  • Material Feature: Pure Vegetarian; High Ingredients and spices are used which makes it more tastier.
Urban Flavorz Marjoram, 12g - Product Features
  • Sprinkle on sausages, salad dressings, sauces, soups, meat dishes with chicken and seafood and in breads and stuffings
  • It combines well with tomatoes and makes delicious herb butter
  • Quantity 12g
Sainiks Dry Fruit Mall Combo of Jeera Powder, Garam Masala, Fish Masala, Chicken Masala & Black Pepper Powder, 500 Gram - Product Features
  • 100 :
  • 250 :
  • 300 :
  • 500 480.00
  • 1000 :
  • 100% Natural
  • Supreme Quality Products from the house of Sainik Dry Fruit Mall
  • To makes food tasty and delicious
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container
  • Package Content :- Masala Combo - 500 Gram
Tassyam BRAAI Indo African Seasoning 80g | Dispenser Bottle, BBQ Masala, Herb Marinade - Product Features
  • Traditional South African bbq spice-mix, handmade in India
  • Use for bbq marination & enhancing Indian curries
  • Product Weight: 80 grams
  • Storage instructions: Store in a cool and dry place
  • Tassyam - Exotic Teas | Select Dry Fruits & Spices | Premium Hing | Exotic Delights
mealsumm White Coconut Chutney for idli, dosa, uttapam and Vada, 300 gm - Pack of 6 - Product Features
  • Instant, vegetarian
  • White Coconut Chutney for idli, dosa, uttapam and Vada,
  • Pack of 6
Kernel Spices Garcinia Cambogia/Kudampuli/Brindleberry/Goraka Wayanad Kerala (250 g) - Product Features
  • Quantity: 250 g
  • Goraka from Wayanad Kerala
  • Kernel Spices
Urban Platter Flax Seeds, 1kg - Product Features
  • 1Kg 324.00
  • 2Kg :
  • 400g 166.25
  • Number one source of Omega-3 fatty acids and offers amazing health benefits pertaining to cardiovascular functions
  • Can be consumed Whole seeds, Roasted and Powdered form; Sprinkle two tablespoons in your food and consume daily
  • You can slightly roast the flaxseed or have them directly It also is a great garnish to your favourite salads
  • Store in cool and dry place, avoid using wet spoon to handle this product; Comes in a handy zipper stand-up pouch
  • Urban Platter - Simply Good Food
  • Raw, Rich in Omega-3, Heart-healthy
Spice Platter Dry Mango Powder - Amchur Masala - Aamchoor (300g) - Pack of 2 - (200G+100G) Pouch, 2 x 300 g - Product Features
  • Amchur 300g 153.00
  • Amchur 400g 207.00
  • Kaachari 300g 137.00
  • Kaachari 400g 181.00
  • Khator 200g 51.00
  • Khator 400g :
  • Spice Platter or Aamchur powder, 300g is dried pulverized form of raw mangoes and adds perfect tanginess to any dish
  • Authentic Amchur: freshness of or Aamchur powder can be judged by its colour
  • Use less! Get more: being freshly ground, Spice Platter aamchor masala is more powerful than regular Amchur
  • Aamchuris the best masala to sprinkle on the fruit desserts and raitas
Easy Life Roasted Garlic 300g (Chefs Easy Solutions for his Basket of Ingredients - a Perfect one!! :) - Product Features
  • Garlic adds the real zing to every meal. Used in pasta,pizza, maggie noodles, vegetable soups, sauces, purees and bread
  • Ingredients such as red chilli flakes, spices,garlic powder, onion powder or garlic sprinkles are a boon for every chef and a must for their pantry !! :)
  • Ready to use. Handy and a must for every kitchen.
  • A multi use product. No need to peel fresh garlic.
  • Comes with 20 years of trust in Easy Life :) !
H.S Dry Fish Dry Prawns Chutney (Ready to Eat) 100g - Product Features
  • 100g 185.00
  • 250g :
  • 500g 669.00
  • Good for health and nutritional benefits
  • Ready to eat chutney
  • Quantity: 100g
Tata Sampann Kitchen King Masala, 100g - Product Features
  • Mesmerizing taste
Dhawak Whole White Pepper | Safed Mirch Sabut - 100 Grams (Premium) - Product Features
  • 100.0 Grams 200.00
  • 250.0 Grams 330.00
  • 400.0 Grams 470.00
  • first quality white pepper
  • processed and packed fully cleaned no dust
  • Storage instructions: Store in a cool, air tight and dry place
  • Quality Maker, No Compromise.
  • Dhawak - The Secrets of Nature To Your Door

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