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by Ariel
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by Cleenz
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by Tide
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by Santoor
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by Cleenz
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by Tide
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by Fiama
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Surf Excel Quick Wash Detergent Powder 1 kg - Product Features
  • Surf excel Quick Wash - Tough Stain Removal with just one product
  • India's premium detergent powder
  • It's X-tra cleaning particles, combines the power of lemon& bleach to make it a perfect wash
  • Removes various tough stains such as chocolate, oil, rasam, curry, soup, ketchup and beverages
  • For tough stains, pre-soak the garment in a solution of Surf excel Quick Wash for 30 mins
  • Hand-wash - Use 2 scoops of Surf excel Quick Wash ; Machine-wash - Use 3 scoops of Surf excel Quick Wash
Ariel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder - 2 kg - Product Features
  • Best used for front load fully automatic washing machines
  • Ariel matic gives India's best stain removal in 1 wash for front loading washing machines
  • Ariel is the number one brand recommended by LG
  • Has the built in power of bar, brush and blue
  • Contains up to 2 times more active ingredients vs hand wash detergents
Rin Matic Powder ,1kg - Product Features
  • Rin matic washing powder to get your clothes cleaned
  • Rin matic washing powder as it would help them put less effort to clean the clothes
  • Rin matic washing powder gives you the best experience of washing clothes with its powerful detergent boosters in it
Cleenz Laundry Detergent Liquid Top Load, 1 L - Product Features
  • Cleenz Liquid Laundry Detergent is a specailly formulated detergent blended with boosters and optical brightner suitalbe for all kind of fabrics
  • It has excellent oil emulsifying properties that gives the fabrics brighter look
  • Specially formualted low foaming technology for Front Load Washing Machines
  • Cleenz Liquid Detergent is bleach and phosphate free and does not damage the fabrics
  • Highly economical to use. Suitable for all Top Loading type washing machines
Tide Ultra 3 in 1 Clean Detergent Washing Powder 1 Kg - Product Features
  • Specifically designed for delight in semi-automatic washing machines as well as handwash
  • Provides an oustanding clean, even inside the machine
  • Removes dirt even from tough zones like collars, cuffs, and underarms which are otherwise difficult to clean
  • Ideal for both coloured and white clothes.
Santoor Handwash Fresh 750ml - Product Features
  • Santoor classic hand wash
  • Goodness of sweet lime peel and tulsi
  • Tough on germs, soft on hands
Amazon Brand - Presto! Matic Front Load Detergent Powder - 2 kg - Product Features
  • Detergent powder for front-load washing machines
  • Quantity: 2 kg
  • Helps with tough stain removal
  • Bleach-free and phosphate-free powder
  • Leaves a pleasing and refreshing fragrance after use
  • Gentle on clothes and protects fabric color
  • Safe and gentle on your hands
  • Dosage: 1 scoop (60 g) for normal loads; 1 1/2 scoops (90 g) for heavily soiled loads
Cleenz Hand Wash Refill Bottle, 1 L - Product Features
  • Premium Quality Liquid Hand wash with pleasant fragrance
  • Tough on dirt and gentle on skin.
  • Forms a rich foamy lather with excellent cleaning of hands
  • Added moisturizer that will not allow the skin to dry
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance after use that will delight your senses.
Surf Excel Front Load Matic Liquid Detergent Pouch - 2 L - Product Features
  • New Surf Excel matic liquid front load washing detergent gives you 100 percent stain removal in washing machines
  • Faster stain removal in machines new Surf Excel matic liquid detergent with a powerful cleaning technology penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains in machines itself
  • Easy and better dissolution being liquid detergent it dissolves quickly in high water level environment of washing machines, reaches stains effortlessly and leaves no residue on clothes or in machines
  • Machine care its designed to produce foam as per washing machine type that ensures no clogging and choking of pipes and reduces scaling issues
  • Superior fragrance it ensures that your clothes not only look fresh but also smell fresh
  • Colour care it removes tough stains in machines but retains original colour of the fabric
Henko Matic Front Load Detergent - 1 kg with Free Detergent - 500 g - Product Features
  • Henko discovered a revolutionary solution to all your clothes problems, including, colour loss, fading and stain removal
  • Dissolves tough stains like mud, ink, oil and chocolate instantly without harming your clothes
  • Remove toughest stains in one wash
Comfort After Wash Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner - 220 ml - Product Features
  • Comfort is an after wash fabric conditioner
  • Only detergent is not enough: comfort is a small step after wash that coats each cloth fibre with a protective layer and prevents the damage caused by repeated washing
  • New-like shine: comfort nourishes and untangles cloth fibres damaged by washing, and gives clothes an unbelievable shine
  • Long-lasting freshness: now with fragrance pearls for long-lasting freshness
  • Visibly soft clothes: leaves clothes feeling soft, smooth and great to wear
  • Easy to use: after washing with detergents, pour ? a cap of comfort in a bucket of water and soak clothes for 5 mins. Remove and dry them. Dont rinse the clothes again
Tide Ultra Matic Detergent Washing Powder 1 Kg - Product Features
  • Specifically designed for fully automatic washing machines
  • Provides an oustanding clean, even inside the machine
  • Removes dirt even from tough zones like collars, cuffs, and underarms which are otherwise difficult to clean
  • Ideal for both coloured and white clothes.
Softouch Fabric Conditioner Ocean Breeze 1.6L - Product Features
  • Softouch provide an active Neem based solution that focuses on anti germ aspect along with anti fading and shrinking
  • India's first fabric conditioner with encapsulation technology from Germany which keeps clothes fragrant all day
  • Contains active conditioning agents that keep clothes soft and shiny
  • Advanced formulation that keeps clothes looking as good as new
  • Fabric conditioner with Encapsulation technology from Germany which keeps clothes fragrant all day
  • Active conditioning agents keeps the clothes soft and shiny even when washed in hard water
Fiama Fresh Handwash - 400 ml - Product Features
  • Made with special mood uplifting fragrances. Basis mood mapping consumer study with fragrances, they leave you feeling good.
  • Fiama handwash is dermatologist tested
  • Lather away to soft and supple hands that are germ free
  • Fiama Relax Hand Wash
  • Fiama Happy Hand Wash
  • Fiama Fresh Hand Wash

Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles. Laundry processes are often done in a room reserved for that purpose; in an individual home this is referred to as a laundry room, Laundry in Australian English or utility room. An apartment building or student hall of residence may have a shared laundry facility such as a tvättstuga. A stand-alone business is referred to as a self-service laundry (launderette in British English or laundromat in North American and Australasia). The material that is being washed, or has been laundered, is also generally referred to as laundry.

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