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Cooking Essentials - Oil and Ghee

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Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil Tin, 5L - Product Features
  • Suitable for all types of Indian cuisine and deep frying
  • Makes food 3 times light
  • Has neutral taste and aroma
Borges Canola Oil, 1L - Product Features
  • Rich in omega- 3
  • Lowest saturated fats
  • All-in-one oil
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Helps in brain functioning
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Rich in Omega-3 acids
  • With the goodness of Rapeseed and Erucic acid oil
Amazon Brand - Solimo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml - Product Features
  • Extra virgin olive oil that is trans-fat-free
  • Cold pressed extraction to retain strong flavour and aroma
  • Contains omega-3 and antioxidants which makes for a healthier cooking alternative
  • Ideal for salad dressing, garnishing, flavouring, marinating and light sauteing
  • Store carefully, away from direct heat & sunlight; It is characteristic for olive oil to get cloudy below 4?
  • Can also be used for hair and skin care
Parachute Coconut Oil Bottle, 600ml - Product Features
  • Parachute Coconut Oil Bottle
Saffola Tasty, 5L - Product Features
  • South
  • Fortified
  • They are necessary for our health and the body can't naturally produce them
  • Hence, they need to be incorporated in your diet
  • Saffola Tasty is a blend of 6% refined corn oil and 4% refined rice bran oil and brings you the benefits of both oils
  • Blend of 60 % refined corn oil and 40% refined rice bran oil
  • MUFA & PUFA helping you with the intake of various fatty acids
  • LOSORB technology absorbs upto 17% less fat as compared to other single seed oils
  • Contains natural antioxidants known to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels
  • Blended cooking oil enriched with vitamin A & D, helps to maintain immune system & good bone health
  • Saffola Masala Oats - Classic Masala, coarsely powdered 2 packets
  • Urad dal, dry roasted and ground 1 cup
  • Green chili paste 2 tsp
  • Salt 1 ? tsp
  • Spinach, boiled and pureed 1 cup
  • Water 2 cups
  • Onions, finely chopped 1 cup
  • Moong dal sprouts 1 cup, Saffola Tasty, Pro Fitness Conscious Edible Oil 1 tbsp
Organic India Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml - Product Features
  • Raw, pure, cold pressed, virgin, vegan, unrefined, certified organic
  • A natural super food beneficial for the heart, it also helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine systems and increases the body's metabolic rate
  • Cold pressed
  • Pure organic
  • Extra virgin coconut oil is the highest quality and pure organic coconut oil
Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil, 1L - Product Features
  • HYD
  • Light and healthy that is easy to digest
  • Rich in vitamins, which keeps skin healthy
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Good for the heart
Pro Nature 100% Organic Sesame Oil, 1 l - Product Features
  • 100% Certified organic products
  • It is good source of nutrients that preserves bone health
Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1L - Product Features
  • Product of Italy
  • Light flavour
  • Light cooking oil for everyday cooking
Sundrop Superlite Advanced Oil, 1l - Product Features
  • Vitamin a, d and e
  • Low absorb
  • Oils - sunflower
Nature Crest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1L - Product Features
  • Ideal substitute for butter and ghee
  • Best for cooking, dips, dressing, sauces
  • Premium extracts of olives extracted from the first cold pressing process
  • Olive oil helps prevent heart stroke
  • Olive oil has zero cholesterol
  • Olive oil contains anti-oxidants
  • It helps in reducing the levels of obesity
  • Oil imported from Spain
Nature Crest Pomace Olive Oil, 250 ml - Product Features
  • Best for Mediterranean dishes
  • Use for pastas and pizzas
  • Premium extracts
  • Oil imported from Spain
Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil, 500ml - Product Features
  • Suitable for all types of Indian cuisine and deep frying
  • Makes food 3 times light
  • Has neutral taste and aroma
Fortune Pure Mustard Oil, 500ml Pet - Product Features
  • Made from finest mustard seeds
  • Rich in omega3 and omega 6poly unsaturated acids
  • Reduce bad cholesterol
Disano Pomace Olive Oil, 1L (Pack of 2) - Product Features
  • This is combo pack of 1 litre pomace olive oil
  • For daily Indian cooking, high smoking point
  • Contains anti oxidants
  • Trans fat free
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Acknowledged as one of the healthiest edible cooking oils
  • Spain is the largest grower of olives
  • Product of Spain
  • Made from Selected high quality Olives
  • One oil many usage and Benefits

Ghee (Sanskrit: Gh?ta) is a class of clarified butter that originated in ancient India. It is commonly used in Indian subcontinent cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Southeast Asian cuisine, traditional medicine, and religious rituals.
Ghee is usually prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cream (traditionally made by churning the top layer of dahi, also called the Bilona method), skimming off any impurities from the surface, then the clear liquid fat to pour and hold while the solid residue that has settled to the bottom. Spices can be added for flavor. The texture, color, and flavor of ghee depend on the quality of the butter, the milk source used in the process, and the length of the cooking time.

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